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Perks of being a WAUG DJ

Three years ago, I had no idea what I would be doing in college. I was interested in trying everything and anything that the school had to offer. When I saw the school had a radio station, I immediately jumped on the chance.

Being a WAUG DJ is awesome to say the least.

Not only are the fellow staff members of WAUG stupendous, but there’s so much energy that the group offers. Everyone is very excited about music, diverse in their music interests, and eager to bring out the best that WAUG has to offer.

Beyond the group itself, being on the radio has been one of the highlights of my college career (so far!).

Every week I look forward to being on the radio for an hour. I love announcing my show name (Late Nate) and my DJ name (DJ Natertot), playing music, talking sports, news, or other subjects, and playing around with different themes and ideas for the show.

The great thing about WAUG is they really promote individuality on shows, whether it be having a talk show or just a solo show where you call the shots and play whatever music (that is not explicit) you want!

I’ve also found that I never know how many listeners are tuning into my shows. And I’m completely okay with that because it’s fun no matter how many people are listening.

WAUG is truly one of the most unique experiences on campus and I would recommend to anyone that even has the slightest interest to give it a chance.

You never know what may happen if you don’t try!

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  1. It’s great to have a little inside perspective on WAUG. Thanks for writing!

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