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Forget the Freshman 15…the Freshman Flu is much worse!

Sickness is a part of every day life. We all strongly dislike it, but sadly, we have to deal with it. With sickness comes more sickness, etc etc. Sickness keeps us from doing the things we enjoy doing, and especially the things that we don’t enjoy doing (hooray!). Everyone remembers how things went when we were sick as a child, or for some, even in high school. Our mommies took us out of school, fed us soup, and we were allowed to sleep on the couch, drink all the Gatorade we wanted (in every flavor and color imaginable of course), and watch all of the good cartoons and TV shows that we missed because we were in school. These are my fond (if anything about being sick can be considered ‘fond’) memories of when I was sick as a child and during school. Now throughout my high school career I managed to only get seriously ill once, during my freshman year. Other than little coughs and sore throats here and there, I stayed pretty healthy during the other years. However, this past week college gave me quite the wake up call. I figured that getting sick would be inevitable, but I grossly underestimated what it would be like. I assumed that I would stagger into class wearing my fluffy hot pink pajamas (because doesn’t every college student own such sleepwear?), do my work, and then go home and sleep and eat. I would tell both my friends and myself things like “Surely being sick won’t be THAT bad”, and “It’s just a little sore throat, I’ll be fiiiiiiiiiine”. Well, one week and two doctor visits later, I’ve learned my lesson. Last week I started having a sore throat and a slight cough, and I did what every young adult at my age would do, I brushed it off as nothing but allergies and the weather and continued on about my hectic, average college student sleep deprived life. By the end of the week I was absolutely miserable. I’d been coughing, shaking, you name it. I’d been running a fever and struggling to eat. On Friday night my ears started to ache. After calling my parents and strongly missing the “mommy taking me out of class and feeding me soup” fairytale I was used to, I ended up taking trips to two different doctors. In the end I was diagnosed with severe ear infections in both of my ears and a sinus infection. Long story short: it was not a good weekend.

Now this blog post was of course not intended as a means of me peddling my pity party. A good chunk of students on Augie’s campus are sick. In fact, a good chunk of people in general are sick. It’s flu season Augie. Bring on the ever changing strains of viruses that no flu shot can manage to prevent. So, I write this blog today as a means of offering some small advice. While I am a freshman, I learned a lot of valuable lessons from this past week. So without further ado, here it is:

Freshman Survival Guide for the Freshman Flu:

Tip 1: Buy a thermometer. Don’t question it. Ignore the little voice of doubt in your head and buy one. You will not regret it and don’t let anyone tell you it’s useless.

Tip 2: Don’t brush your symptoms off. If you feel sick, there’s a good chance you really are sick.

Tip 3: Drink a lot of orange juice. The CSL has plenty of OJ, and it never hurts to stock up on some for your dorm room for when you start to feel run down.

Tip 4: Go to an immediate care clinic if things really start to feel bad. Don’t make the mistake of waiting and letting your symptoms get worse.

Tip 5: Know where the nearest Walgreens and or a pharmacy/grocery store is.

Tip 6: Keep a medicine box in your dorm room. While it may see silly to have a box of cough syrup and Mucinex under your bed, it really does help to have it. You’ll never have everything, but it’s a nice feeling when you don’t have to worry about finding a way to stumble down the street to Walgreens when you’re running a 100.7 fever!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this much too long account and guide for sick freshman. As I’m sitting here typing this I still am one of them, so with that I bid you all farewell! I hope some of these tips can help you guys from making my mistakes!

4 Responses to “Forget the Freshman 15…the Freshman Flu is much worse!”

  1. 1 more tip: Our Dr recommends that you gargle every morning and evening with antiseptic type mouth wash; and make sure you get it way back into your throat. And this will help stave off a lot of yukiness.

  2. Thank you for the tips! I should definitely stalk up on some of that Orange Juice!

    I hate being sick and I try to stay clean and take medicine as soon as possible, but you do make a very good point.

  3. Most important: SLEEP!, eat good nutritious food (no vodka doesn’t count), and wash your hands. Simple prevention is more important than waiting until you get sick.

  4. Great tips! And you somehow made the misery of being sick a fun read. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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