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My Unofficial Tour of Westerlin’s New J-Wing

FULL DISCLOSURE: I moved into college for the first time fully expecting my dorm to smell like old people and look like the aftermath of a horror film scene. I was extremely surprised (and internally relief-sighing) at my newly renovated dorm in Westerlin’s Jenny Lind wing.

Jenny LindRenovations to the wing include: New doors & windows, new AC and heat units in each room, new floors along with painting and 3Jnew lights, and the one I’m most excited for, a new elevator that’s being completed during fall term break. For the last three weeks I have lived here, I have grown to learn the little quirks about the building. 1. If you have friends who live in any other building on campus without AC, you will hosting many a get-together to get out of the heat. 2. Hand dryers are very loud, and will wake you up from dead sleep at 2 AM if you live near the BR. 3. Coldest place in J-wing is the staircase. My friend has told me numerous times how she would move in (in a very Harry Potter-esque way) from the non-AC’ed Andreen hall. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY:  4. You will lock yourself out of your dorm room at least once. The locks are crafty little buggars on the 3rd floor and my running total of times I’ve locked myself out is at 7.

12004893_10204895129006214_7109407898600320819_nThe bathrooms are pretty fancy here, if I do say so myself. Our cleaner for 3J is the Bomb.com and she is trying to get power outlets in the bathroom for us, so that’s extra props to her. They clean every day, everything works (so far), and the showers are11072739_10204895119965988_5301179196353024877_n (for the most part) always warm. I do have to warn though: If you are over, I’d say like 5’6″-5’7″ in height, there is only one shower that will fit you comfortably. I’m 5’9″ and, unfortunately, have to wait until that one shower is open in the morning because all of the other showers are too short for me. I don’t know if this is different on the guy’s floor (1st floor of J-wing belongs to all guys, while 2nd & 3rd floor are home to the girls.), because they are on average taller than us, but it is a difficult thing to get adjusted too. Other than that detail, (and the loud hand dryers as previously stated) our bathrooms are cool.

315 JAnywho, my roommate Meghan and I live on the 3rd Floor of J-Wing.We pride ourselves by our color-coordinating. I’m proud meg's deskof our little dorm room. It’s extremely cute and homey and reflects us both perfectly. My side is the one with the navy bedding, and I have my dresser, mini-fridge, and a couple other storage things under the bed.Our desks face each other, and Meghan has hers decorated to perfection.  I covered my closet with a shower curtain, and Meg’s is uncovered, but very organized. (Mine is not.) closetBoth of our beds are lofted by hand to the highest they go without being lofted professionally.  I’m 5’9″ and Meghan is 5’0″ and we both need stools to get on the beds. Otherwise, it’s home.dorm


Well, that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Westie’s new Jenny Lind wing. I need a nap.
Somebody go put a good word in for me at to get a job at Admissions. Stay Amazing, Augie.

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  1. This is really awesome! I love the photos! Great job. This definitely gives new students a good sneak peak into what Westerlin Hall is like! Great job again!

  2. I love seeing your photos. Westerlin looks great. And your room looks amazing.

  3. Nice review and I appreciate your thoughts about what might be improved, too.

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