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Why I Need Feminism (Maybe?)

Hello Augie people!
It has been a hot minute since I last blogged! Basically over a year if we’re being technical…. There is no excuse for that! I promise I will take better care of doing so this coming school year-which I will be beginning my junior year! Yikes! I guess time does fly when you’re having fun! As to keep in tradition, I will give a brief life update and then begin with my blog topic, which I promise is something you’ll want to read!

Life update: I finished my second year at Augie, which was a bit rough but I made it through. I decided not to play lacrosse this year, however, I still am with the team just not playing. As well, I have gone through another pledging season and it was so different being on this side than being a pledge! I fell in love with my sorority even more. The lacrosse team had another wonderful season, including becoming the first ever CCIW conference champions and going to the sweet 16 (for the second year in a row as a four year program!). Other than all of that, I think you have been caught up with my life!

So feminism…we’ve all heard about it, and some people have even taken a very, very opinionated position on it. Great! And for the most part I agree, the country and the world needs feminism. Maybe not in the extreme sense that so many people gravitate to when they think of feminism but more of the equality aspect. Yes, I have the capability to understand that if I as a woman am granted the same opportunities that a man has in the workplace than I am giving up some opportunities that may have only been applicable to me. And I am okay with that because I work just as hard, just as long and just as well as a man that I deserve to earn the same as he does- in case you were wondering, in 2013, for every 100% a white man earned, a white woman earned 77.4% (http://www.infoplease.com/us/census/median-earnings-by-race.html).

bad feminism

Okay, let me step off my soap box real quick. Yes the wage gap is frustrating, but you know what that is not going to change anytime soon. Fine. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the fact that I don’t feel safe being downtown at night when it is only me and another one of my girlfriends. Why on earth should I feel so insecure suddenly about my safety that we have to stand facing each other, watching the others back, under the streetlight, making sure to whisper when we want to talk as to not draw attention to ourselves, and I have to hold my finger of the trigger for my pepper spray so that (God forbid) someone approaches us and doesn’t just want to know if we can help pay for their train ticket? You might be thinking I’m exaggerating this, but I wish I was. My best friend and I had gone to a Rockies game where we had a ton of fun and bought an eight dollar hot dog and cheered the Rockies to a win over the Diamondbacks. Overall, we had a great time and didn’t start to feel any weird feelings until we saw some friends who had been drinking, one of which just became a little to touchy. We managed to rid ourselves of that feeling once we were back on our way to the train to go back home, we were trailing behind the crowd but still felt safe enough. On our way, one of our other friends called and we decided to go to the bar he was at. We decided we would all hang out, which was going well until someone said something that was meant to be funny but really wasn’t and my friend and I left. Although the boys we were with followed us for a few blocks decided to ultimately leave us.. Which is fine except we were in downtown alone and waiting for the train in a not very well lit street. We immediately went into survival mode, we became extra observant of what was going on and who was around us.
So why does this really matter? Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe I read so far into a situation that I need to complain and blog about it. What I do know is, I need feminism because I felt safer having mace in my hand than just being around people in the lights. I need feminism because I am an equal and I knew that if I needed to I would yell fire because that would garner more attention than just yelling help. I need feminism because there are still guys that think I am overreacting, and maybe I am, but thats only because I was taught to be wary of the guys that are standing around me and to be cautious of who I look at because “you just never know”.

So maybe I don’t need feminism and I should just take self defense classes to make me feel more comfortable at night. Or maybe feminism is actually a good thing and everyone is an equal and we should probably start paying more attention to it.
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