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Goodbye Yik Yak

An email went out today from the Student Government here at Augustana at 12:50 p.m. saying that the IT department here at Augustana has finally banned the use of the social media app, known as Yik Yak, from use on the Augustana internet. All of this transpired because there were offensive/ racist posts put on Yik Yak that garnered the attention of the BSU (Black Student Union) and Student Government.

To me, this is an outrage that the actions of a few have ultimately decided the use of an app for all.

Yes, the racist posts on Yik Yak were awful, but as soon as they were posted, they were down-voted to nonexistence by the Yik Yak community, showing that the Augustana community doesn’t condone such posts. Also, we have no evidence to say that a student was behind the event. We can only assume that it was, but it could have been a local who also used the app.

So because of these comments, Augustana has banned the only use of discussion for race that I have seen so far on this campus. The app allowed users to have discussions about their thoughts about the protest on Monday, Dec. 15th. I saw rational ideas about race in America, race on campus, and race in general. While there were negative posts, I was encouraged that students were in on the discussion.

The anonymity of the app allowed people to display their points without being labelled as a racist and being marked in a negative way. Yik Yak deserves a place here on campus because it can show views that the Augustana community to can resolve, rather than ignore it by banning the app.

2 Responses to “Goodbye Yik Yak”

  1. Good post, Nate. I agree with you.

  2. Nate, I think that there are plenty of places where people on this campus can have a discussion–there was the Ferguson forum and meetings of the BSU and other groups that focus on promoting diversity. There are also other forms of social media–beginning a discussion about race (or anything else) on your class’ Facebook page would promote discussion among the Augustana community.
    I think anonymity allows people more freedom to say things they might not say if their name was attached to their comments. Anonymity does not allow people to be held responsible.

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