A window inside life at Augustana College

We drew a _________ on a bathroom stall, swiftly called it art and Taylor won a Gazebo From IKEA


“I want to make sketch video”

“I have a really good story, but I don’t know what to do with it”

“I really want to try acting”

“I would love to write a book”

“I want to start making a film”

“I have an idea for this movie where an adventurer, maybe an astronaut, gets lost on the way to going on said adventure but in turn finds that the mundane existence of the day to day is an adventure. The adventurer no longer seeks to carve his name into the annals of history to find meaning, cozying up at home with a loved one is the greatest adventure of all. But there will be lots of boobs, rippling abdominal muscles, explosions and weasels. it will be cool, my dad said he’d help fund it. He owns a Nissan dealership”




If you have uttered anything close to the mentioned quotations I seem to hear frequently, then call me Ron Burgundy because I have splendid news for you. This institution we all know and love as, “Augustana” offers up some fine tools for the creative savant in waiting to participate in. A couple of these opportunities are SAGA art and literary magazine and Black Squirrel Productions. These clubs need members and submissions, don’t feel scared to get involved! Think of them as a finely sharpened axe stuck in a stump with it’s handle eyeing you to grab it and swing away at the forest of self-doubt in the hands of a non-gender specific lumberjack, with a great beard and sweet steel-toed boots. You’re lookin’ good and feelin good.

“Go on”

Why yes, of course! SAGA is the literary and art magazine here at “Augustana” and is accepting submissions in three separate fields for publishing: Art, Poetry, and Prose.

“What does this mean for me”

It means the existence of the magazine is dependent on YOU. SAGA wants to publish student work, whether it be poetry in all it’s beauty, prose in all its power, and art in all its courage.

“cowardly dog inside of us would like us to not submit things for fear of criticism”


Rest assured! all documents have their names removed and are critiqued in an objective fashion. Pieces that aren’t selected are even returned to the artist with their critiques, so as the artist can improve on a piece if they feel.


At ease my friend, email SAGAmagazine@gmail.com with the following.

Title(s) of piece(s) (each with a short description of the inspiration, subject matter, materials used, etc.)
Contributor’s note: What do you want those who read SAGA magazine to know about you as a contributor?

SAGA accepts up to 7 submissions in each category, with a preference for word document and jpeg for photos. Physical submissions for art will have their photo taken and will be accepted for submission.

“my body is a wonderland, is that art?”

If you take a picture I guess?

“thanks! I’m not even an artist is that ok”

Yes, everyone has something to offer, everybody has a story to tell.

You exist, you mean something, share it.


“What about Black Squirrel Productions?”


Get in on this fun train on its way out of boredomville! Oh yes!

Well, Black Squirrel Productions is a brand new club on campus specializing in film production, whether it be sketch, short, documentary, music videos, or anything you can think of they aim to do it. They meet on odd Thursdays in Olin generally at 4:30. Check your emails for updates and email BSPAugustana@gmail.com to get involved. The end of the year will culminate with a student film fest premiering student made work. The exciting news is BSP received a budget this year, look out for things to improve as last year over two hours of film was produced on a shoe string budget paid out of pocket by students.

“I’m sold”


You’re welcome, be thankful you’re not dealing with the devil.








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