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Wrapping Up Fall Term


Wait, it’s over already? I know, that’s how I feel too.

The reason that I’ve been so absent not just from this blog, but my personal blog too, is because I’ve been too busy doing interviews. I’m kidding. Well, kind of. My last blog post got picked up by the Rock Island Argus, and then Augie’s Observer joined in, so I’ve been enjoying my five seconds of fame. But the real reason is that I haven’t had a functioning computer for the past several weeks. ITS doesn’t know what’s wrong with it and took so long to tell me that that I just decided to wait until I go home before I see about getting it fixed.

As a result, I have developed a very intimate relationship with the Tredway library.

Yeah, it’s really not a good idea for your laptop to slow down unbearably when you have no finals, just papers.

But I survived, I’m nearly done, and I get to go home this weekend. So, here are some of the fun (and slightly less fun) things I’ve done this term:

1) 25-page French paper

I received a Freistat Grant this summer to research French theatre in performance. I spent six weeks in Paris and most of it was paid for. The thing is, Freistats are usually tied to a Senior Inquiry project, and I’m a French minor. So I had to do a 25-page paper in French anyway… It was fun, because I love theatre, but it was still a lot of work.

2) 25-ish page Honors Capstone

Yeah, I’m still in that Honors program, and this term, I decided to do my Capstone. That project has been equally fun, because I got to pick my topic (how minority memoir writers incorporate languages other than English into their works) and my reading list, but I’m still working on it and it’s a long paper too.

3) Alpha Psi Omega’s Running Scared

Where do you get a haunted house and a scavenger hunt in one? Alpha Psi Omega’s Running Scared of course! This year, the theme was Running Scared: Circus, so we had everything from crazy clowns to creepy dolls, a burned fire-eater and a bearded lady. I worked security, so I didn’t get to scare people, but we scared whole lot of people and raised some money for GiGi’s Playhouse, our chosen charity this year.

4) Special Collections Halloween Open House

Yesterday, in honor of Halloween, our new Special Collections librarian had the idea of displaying the spookiest items from our collections. We included everything from Augustana’s ghost stories (who’s haunting House on the Hill, for example) to books made entirely of animals, ghastly recipes like veal head cheese, Phil McKinley’s Dracula picture and stone hide scrapers. To make things even more fun, those of us who worked the event dressed as ghostly characters from our collections. We had a human representation of Old Main’s graffiti room, Emmy Evald’s vision of the ideal woman and me–John Henry Hauberg.

5) Electric Theater Unplugged

And today (and tomorrow, actually), I’m in a show! Electric Theater Unplugged is a group that writes, directs and acts in 30-ish plays in 60-ish minutes with the audience choosing the order. As a writer who loves performing and theater, it’s been the perfect outlet for me over the last two years. The shows, in case you’re interested are at 8:42 pm tonight (leaving you plenty of time to go out and celebrate Halloween afterwards) and at 9:27 pm tomorrow in the Blackbox in Bergendoff. Best of all, they’re free!

So that’s been my term, and it’s gone by in such a rush of reading, writing, class, work, clubs and everything else that I can’t believe I’m a third done with my final year at Augustana.

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