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SIs, Capstones, Rent, Oh My…


It’s been a while–a long, long while–since I posted, but hey, I have an excuse. I studied abroad in Amsterdam last spring, enjoying the views from my tiny room on a houseboat and riding around the city and its surrounding areas on my trusty purple bicycle. I was home for a month and then it was off to Paris for six weeks, on a research project with Dr. Taddy Kalas. But before I make you too jealous, I’m back, I’m a senior (where on earth did the time go?) and I have ten tons of stuff to do this year.

Yeah, trimesters have their downsides, the main one being that I’m never home at the same time as anyone else for breaks, but the fact remains that I would never have been able to finish two majors and a minor in four years without them. It’s going to take me till spring term and going to take every last credit I have, but I will complete majors in Creative Writing and Sociology and a minor in French.

The thing is, I have to a Senior Inquiry for each of the majors, and (call me crazy) I chose to do a Capstone project for Honors as well. There’s rent to be handled too, and internet/cable to be installed (which has, thankfully, been done now), not to mention water bills, gas bills and electric bills. I’m glad I don’t have a car or else I’d have to pay bills for that too.

Still, it’s been wonderful to be back on Augie’s campus and to just remain in one place for a little while after all the traveling I’ve been doing. I’ve returned to Quidditch and Alpha Psi Omega, the two things I love best on this campus, I’ve gotten back to my jobs which are always challenging but interesting. I’ve gotten back to my professors. I spent those six weeks in Paris with a professor, yes, a professor I like very much, but there are plenty of other professors I’ve grown close to over the three years I’ve spent here. I’ve visited the offices of four professors in the last week, entirely unannounced.  Two of them are my advisors. Two of them are professors I’ve only taken one class with. Conversations with them never lasted under fifteen minutes. And I’ve gotten back to my friends. I’ve had exponentially more hugs in the last week than I had in Amsterdam and Paris combined. That’s only one benefit of seeing everyone again.

Old_Main_AugustanaIf it isn’t clear enough by now, I’m happy to be back. My last year at Augie is going to be busy and fly away faster than any of the three years that preceded it. But it’s going to be a whole lot of fun too.

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