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Where are they today?

Hi everyone! It’s been over a month since I graduated, does that mean I am no longer fit to write this blog? I hope not!!

My life is still in transition since graduation, I moved back home for the time being, and trust me, fitting 4-years of stuff back into one storage room was exhausting! Not to mention that my parents had already begun to take over my bedroom, so rearranging furniture and moving my parents possessions out was a task in itself

I’ve been working at Santa’s Village for about a month now, and I must say I really enjoy it. It doesn’t feel like a job, but that I just get to hang out with cool animals and people all day while my bank account magically grows. It’s not the end stop of my journey by any means, but I’m enjoying the ride and learning a lot.


And I get to take some awesome selfies in my downtime. For all my past experiences, I have worked behind-the-scenes, and now I get to see how it feels working one-on-one with the guests- a totally new perspective.

I’m still shopping around for careers for the future/at the end of  the amusement park season, as are most of the people I’m working with. It’s awesome to work with people my age who have just finished or are finishing their education. We swap stories of what we’ve done in the past, and where we want to work in the future. In fact, I have an interview tomorrow for what seems like a dream job, so I’m hoping I won’t have to frantically find another job once the park is closed for the season. Here goes nothing!





On a more personal note: Kevin and I are doing great (no surprise there) and so is our new dog, Chula- whom we adopted from our wonderful OZO neighbor! 😉

Wherever the road may take us, we’re a family now, and we stick by each other through  it all. Adult life may be a bit scary, but it has definitely been one fun adventure so far!


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  1. CHULA!!! I miss that puppy. Hope she’s treating you guys well

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