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Beauty in the Darkness

Beauty in the Darkness

This week I have been reminded what life is really about. I’ve also been thinking a lot about what I want to get for my next tattoo, a lotus flower, which is far down the road, but it’s always nice to dream! Anyways this post connects those two things; what life is about and lotus flowers.


As we near the end of both the term and the school year at Augustana, you would be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t at least a little bit stressed out. Everyone has their mind on final papers, final exams, packing to go home for the summer, figuring out summer employment, and a whole slew of other things that arise at the end of the school year and term. Honestly, the end of the school year is usually pretty ugly; there are not a lot of smiles and there are tears (okay, maybe a lot of tears on my part). However, there are also good things. People are happy to go home for the summer and see their “home” friends. People are happy to have jobs for the summer. People are happy to finally be done with classes, especially when some of us have friends who have been done for weeks.

For me, this term has been rough. I’ve been continuing work on both my Political Science and my Sociology Senior Inquiries. I’ve been homesick, missing my little niece and nephews who seem to grow inches in the few short months that I’m gone. I’ve been sick and injured for most of the last 3 weeks. Despite all of this “bad” stuff, I was able to find beauty in it and rise above the circumstances. I have received an “A” on my sociology SI. I’ve successfully finished my junior year of college and made the Dean’s List two terms in a row.

As I mentioned in this post , my Uncle Phil was diagnosed with terminal leukemia in January. I dedicated my Relay walk of 15 miles and a fundraising goal of $500 to Phil. I am so happy that he was able to know that I reached my goal. However, I am saddened to say that my Uncle Phil passed away this past week. While he was in Florida, visiting his parents, he became sick and his body was overcome with sickness that he was able to fight against. But, as this post goes, there is beauty in the darkness and while mourning the loss of Phil I am able to celebrate the birth of a new cousin this week. Well actually a first cousin once removed, as my cousin Justin and his wife had another baby this week! She is absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to meet her once I go home in a couple of weeks.

Overall, this year, but especially this term, has taught me to look past the bad that is happening now to see the good that will happen soon.

PS – Some of you may recognize the content of this post as it was based on a Facebook status that I posted earlier in the week.

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