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A reflection on my Augustana internship experience

If you have been on the Campusnet webpage at all this term chances are that you’ve seen the link for a few of my blogs. While I wish I could say that I blog this frequently for pure enjoyment, that would be a complete lie. For the academic portion of my six-credit internship in the sports information office one of my assignments was to complete 30 blogs during the experience. This happens to be blog number 30, but probably not the last.

Another assignment was to conduct phone interviews with three different sports information directors to build my network and gain some different perspectives to the field. Originally I shied away from this requirement, however after those three interviews I wish I would have had a chance to conduct even more! Learning about how SIDs got into their careers is extremely fascinating because very few actually planned to be an SID from the beginning.

A really useful assignment that I completed without reference in my blog was my job packet. I had to prepare all of the materials that I would send to apply for an internship and turn them in to ensure that I was ready for the process.

I think in order to improve an internship similar to mine for the next student a couple alterations could be made. Like I mentioned earlier, the SID interviews were really fun and helpful and I would suggest making an interview due every other week to both encourage the student to keep up with the work and gain a larger network. I would also encourage the addition of an assignment along the lines of creating game notes for a few events, a task that I completed for the first time in preparation for the women’s lacrosse game against Salisbury this weekend (http://www.suseagulls.com/sports/wlax/2013-14/releases/copy_of_201405108hjqdo).

In the end, I received academic credit towards graduation for interning in the sports information office at Augustana. This experience was absolutely amazing and my only regret is that I did not start working in the office until my sophomore year.

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  1. It’s been a pleasure reading your posts and I can tell you’ve learned a lot and worked at it! Good luck!

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