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That looks cool!


Everyone loves new uniforms, especially really cool ones! But sometimes those “cool uniforms” are impossible to read from further than 10 feet away…let alone in a press box.  Here are a few examples of jerseys that sports information departments hate! The worst part is, Augustana is guilty of having hard to read jerseys as well. Our men’s soccer team has white jerseys with yellow numbers and dark horizontal stripes. Using a darker version of the same color is a nightmare for any stat keepers. Thank goodness for binoculars, otherwise the stats for these teams would be all jumbled due to not being able to read the jerseys!  If you ever have the chance to design an athletic uniform, keep the people doing stats for the team in mind!

For the record, the Augustana basketball jersey that is hard to read belongs to the South Dakota Augustana.




bad jersey 3 bad jersey 4 bad jersey 1 bad jersey 2 bad jersey 5

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  1. I wouldn’t have thought about that!

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