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An interview with Dave Hilbert of the University of St. Francis

The third interview that I conducted for my internship at Augustana was with Dave Hilbert of the University of St. Francis located in Joliet, Illinois. With USF being an NAIA competitor, Mr. Hilbert offered a different perspective of sports information, especially considering his background at each different level during his career.


Dave Hilbert – University of St. Francis (Joliet) – NAIA


Q: How did you get into sports information?

“I went to Michigan Tech. I was starting my senior year and we needed to do some sort of an internship to complete my degree. Since it was a pretty small town most of the internships were done through the campus departments. I had no idea what to do so I went to my advisor and he said that they had just hired a new sports information director and he had passed along that he was looking for someone to work with him. As a freshman I had worked doing statistics in the SID office so I went over there and started working for him. He was almost brand new and he needed someone to come over there who was able to do some real work right away so he turned over a lot of assignments to me. I did a lot of feature writing and game summaries and by halfway through that internship I decided that I want to do this for a living.”


Q: What did you do after your undergrad?

“I went to graduate school at Saint Thomas University in Miami. It was a pretty small school but they had a sports administration program and there wasn’t a whole lot of those programs around. One of the best parts of that program there was just being in Miami there was so much around and so many opportunities to work. I was lucky enough to get an internship at Florida Atlantic University. They hired a new SID whose main job was marketing and sales so they wanted someone to come in to do day-to-day SID work. At the end of that internship the guy that was the SID left so I ended up being the replacement.”


Q: In your office at St. Francis, do you employ a lot of student workers?

“Yeah, we have really just two that work primarily in statistics and game management.”


Q: How many hours do the student workers average each week?

“On average, probably 8-10. Then again some weeks we don’t have games and some weeks we have 5 so on average probably somewhere in that range.”


Q: How many hours would you say that you work a week?

“Somewhere in the 60-70 range. During the summer it’s more like 40 but you make up for it. I think that’s pretty comparable for just about anybody in this business.”


Q: What do you like most about sports information and doing what you do?

“There are a couple of things. One, from a professional standpoint, you almost never have two days that are the same. And definitely no two years are the same. With the changing in technology from one year to the next you never know. Neither of us know what new technology is out there that we are going to have to learn, which in a way is a challenge but it is also a lot of fun. It makes the job a lot more interesting. And more from a personal standpoint, it is fun to be on a college campus everyday. It helps to keep you young. It’s fun to be in the campus setting and get to know and be around the kids.”

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