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My Augustana internship experience hosting an NCAA women’s lacrosse game

For most people week nine consists of countless tests, quizzes, exams, and presentations. However, my final week nine has been a little different. On top of presenting my senior inquiry research in aquatic biology from this past fall, I have also been planning and preparing for an NCAA second-round women’s lacrosse game along with a speech and my internship assignments.


My experience planning the lacrosse game that takes place on Saturday has been such an awesome opportunity. I have taken part in conference calls along with meetings that give me a first-hand taste of the business. Being a part of everything that goes on behind the scenes of an NCAA event has caused to me gain a great deal of appreciation for the people that make these events run smoothly.


During the week, I have been busy assigning workers and making sure that they have picked up their game management passes for the contest. I also created a statsheet insert for the programs provided by the NCAA.


It hasn’t taken long for me to realize that planning an event of this caliber requires a lot of small tasks not just a few big things.


At this point, I would have to say that my favorite part of this experience is how much I have gotten to interact with coaches and officials of the event and being consulted about things regarding the event.

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