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Graduating Early? Maybe.

One of my biggest goals I want to reach after graduation is to be financially stable, so I try and work. A lot. I don’t really make much money, but I figure if I’m used to working a lot now it will prepare me for when I’m a post-grad. I currently hold three jobs; one on campus as a CA, and two off campus. This comes to a minimum of 20 hours of work a week, which doesn’t seem like much but half of that is off campus in Iowa, so I do have a small commute. This summer I plan on working 50-60 hours a week between the two jobs I have for the summer. All this money will go towards paying my rent and utilities, groceries, and spending money for Brazil in October. Any extra will go into savings, maybe?

I also have a 2-5 year plan for post graduation for paying off my loans. This is assuming that I get a job right out of college making between $25,000-30,000/year after taxes. With such a job I should be able to pay of my loans within 3 years, if I’ve done the math right; and it’s totally possible that I’ve done the math wrong. However, even if my math is wrong, I should definitely be able to pay everything off within 5 years.

Since I’m so focused on being financially stable, I try really hard to get the most out of my money; because if I have to spend it, it better be worth it. So a couple of months ago I looked into graduating early. At the time, I didn’t really think it was going to be feasable for me. I thought I was going to need more classes or that classes I needed wouldn’t be offered during the summer, so I just dismissed it as an idea. I also had no idea where I would come up with the money for summer classes.

However, I recently started looking into it again. This time around I found that there are at least three classes I can take this summer that would apply to one of my majors or my minor. This means that I could get 9 credits out of the way this summer. I currently have completed 84 credits at Augustana. After this term I will have completed 94 credits. You need 123 credits to graduate from Augustana. 123 credits – 94 credits = 29 credits left to take. If I took 3 classes or 9 credits this summer that would leave me with 20 credits left to take. I am registered for 8 credits during fall term. That would leave me with only 12 credits left to reach the graduation requirement, and it is very easy to take 12 credits in one term.

Once I realized that I could make things work credit wise I started looking at the cost of things. It would cost me $7,290 to take 9 credits this summer as each credit is $810. This would save me nearly $4,655, as the cost of tuition for one term of classes at Augustana is $11,945. If you ask me, this sounds like a pretty good deal. However, I don’t have an extra 7 grand laying around to cover the cost of summer classes, since I’m out of loan money for the year and “There is no Augustana College financial assistance for summer session tuition.” So now I’m just trying to figure out what to do. If anyone has any legitimate get rich quick schemes it would be gratly appreciated!

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  1. Victoria,

    You have to earn your last 24 credits in residence at Augustana, so when you are planning your schedule, be sure to keep that in mind. You would have to petition to be allowed to have that requirement waived.

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