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My life in a blog part 3

I got off the phone and the call still had not sunk in. I had just been offered an intern position at my number one choice of places I had applied! Following my summer camp job I knew where I would be…the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.


I spent much of the rest of the afternoon informing my friends and family! However, I still had to formally accept the offer, which I did the following afternoon with little hesitation. Come Friday I needed to get ahold of the interviewers at Villanova and Iowa and let them know so that if I was a candidate they would not waste any of their time on me.


It was not an easy task to speak to the individuals on the phone as it took me multiple calls before I received a phone call from Villanova. Instead of returning my phone call, they were offering me an intern position with them!  Part of me was quite glad that I had already committed to Illinois so that I didn’t have to make a choice but another part of me knew that if I had an offer to intern at Illinois no other offer would be able to compete. Therefore, I declined the offer and then waited patiently to hear back from Iowa so that I would finally be able to post my post-graduation plans on social media. Finally, the phone rang and the call was over and a weight had been lifted! The fact that in a few short months I will be down at the University of Illinois interning in the athletic communications department was really beginning to sink in!

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  1. Congrats! That is so exciting!

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