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My life in a blog part 2

Wednesday morning was there before I knew it and I was on my phone interview with Villanova! The fact that they even considered me was awesome!


Next up was my trip to Iowa City.  I got to Carver-Hawkeye Arena around 11:30 for my 11:45 appointment so I checked my email. I had a few emails but the only one that I noticed was the one from the person that I had interviewed with at the University of Illinois asking what time that day would be a good time for him to call me. I quickly responded with a time late enough that my interview at Iowa would be over and then headed into the building.


The football press conference was really cool! I enjoyed seeing the interworkings that made everything work. The staff at Iowa was awesome and made sure I felt welcome and answered all of my questions. Following the press conference and player interviews and a brief tour around the facilities I was sitting in the conference room interviewing for an internship at the University of Iowa.


I walked out of the arena feeling pretty good but I knew that the phone call that I would receive in half an hour would either make or break my day. 3:30 came before I knew it and my phone was ringing with my first choice for an internship on the other end of the line.



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