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Oh Happy Day

This weather has me in an excellent, and productive, mood. That also could have something to do with the three day juice cleanse I just finished though too. Anyways, I’m having a wonderful day, and I’ve been super productive as well. I went to work, I went and got fingerprinted, I went to the central office for work, I went to the bank, I took care of some housekeeping; and I must not be the only one in a good mood today. At Hyvee a lady gave me a coupon for free deli cheese because she wasn’t going to use it, and everyone at Hyvee was very friendly and smiley today.

Since I was in such a good mood, and had been blessed with a coupon that saved me 7 dollars, I decided I was going to pay it forward. One of my sorority sisters tweeted that she wanted a tank top that says “Suns out, guns out”. I did a little bit of googling and found one that I thought she’d like, pulled her address from our directory and ordered a shirt for her.

Moral of the story: PAY IT FORWARD!

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