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Bring on Graduation!

So, probably since the beginning of Spring Term, I’ve been in a funk. I was getting job rejections (but that’s life), I spent just about every waking minute working, I was missing the excitement of my internship and volunteer experiences, and I was just bored overall.

Nothing beats working with these babies.

I also had no clue of where I was going after graduation…. not even remotely. I had job applications pending from Cincinnati to Florida to Illinois. I think just about all my friends are going to grad school: They’re biggest issue was choosing between two colleges that had accepted them while I was trying to find a relevant job. There are far less zoos that grad schools, and far less zookeeping positions that open seats in lecture halls. I had friends saying they ENVIED that I didn’t have to worry about grad school. I scoffed daily at the idea that I was somehow the lucky one.

Anyways, I digress yet again.

I am happy to tell you that I got out of my rut! In just over a week, I can now say that I am ENGAGED AND EMPLOYED. Proving once again that the cloudy days only make you appreciate the sunny days even more! My amazing boyfriend proposed on April 5th:

It was awesome. 10/10. Would Highly Recommend


Right before then, I was contacted by the Zoo director of Santa’s Village in Dundee to go in for an interview. I interviewed on April 12th aaand…. WAS ACCEPTED APRIL 21ST!

I couldn’t be more thrilled to accept the offer! The environment seems very laid back and fun-loving- somewhere I could really fit in! Not only will I be working with farm animals, exotic reptiles, reindeer, lemurs, and a lot more, I will also get to be working directly with the guests during presentations and summer camps.

No joke April has been an amazing month!

One of my best friends turned 16 too… Did I get off topic again?


So for all my seniors/seniors-to-be/anyone who is feeling stuck: Just remember that if you keep pushing forward, eventually your situation will catch up!

Speaking of catching up, I have some homework to catch up on, so I guess I’ll cut this one short. Only 4 more weeks of homework left!

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