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I have a problem…

Last night I had the opportunity to go to the Mallard’s playoff game against Rapid City with a few friends. It was one of the first sporting events I have been to in a LONG time that I wasn’t working/getting paid to attend. As I was sitting at the game I caught myself thinking about how I would write a story recapping the game if I was the person that was in charge of doing so. I realized that hockey is a much lower scoring sport than lacrosse and miles different than swimming and therefore a story would definitely would be a different style than what I am used to. All of these thoughts were flying around in my head as the game was taking place. When I get the opportunity to talk to some other sports information directors or even interns I will be curious to see if they ever run into things like this too. And for the record the Mallards won 5-1!

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  1. You could read the local newspapers’ account of the game, to see if you would have written it differently. Here is one:


    and here is another:


  2. The more you’re involved with sports from an SID/journalism standpoint, the more that side will frame your thinking when you’re watching as a normal fan.

    I know people in sports journalism who are still rapid fans of certain teams, but that side died out for me after 10 years of covering sports. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I just watch sports now for general interest, rather than going berserk for “my” team.

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