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Putting a good spin on not so good things

In the sports information business, as in life, it is necessary that we are always able to find the good in every situation…including a 23-1 loss. Luckily, Augustana was on the 23 side of that game and I got to write a much more upbeat story. However, I was curious how the other side of the story would look though. I was really impressed with the optimism in the story and the fact that there was definitely still a sense of pride for the school and the team from the person that wrote the story. Hopefully the team that I write for will never have to be on the wrong end of a 23-1 outcome but if they are I will without a doubt follow the same path that the Defiance writer did in their game recap against Augustana.

Here’s the link to the Defiance story: http://www.defianceathletics.com/mlacrosse/news/2013-14/3416/vikings-defend-home-field-top-defiance-in-mlc-matchup/

And here’s the link to the story that I wrote following the Augustana men’s lacrosse 23-1 victory over Defiance: http://www.athletics.augustana.edu/news/2014/3/29/MLAX_0329141335.aspx?path=mlax

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