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All Of Me For You

I was checking out the Itunes store a couple days ago to look for some new and current songs for my WAUG radio show. I was scrolling through the songs until I arrived to John Legend’s “All of Me.” After giving the song a quick listen to, I decided it would be in my best interest to listen to the whole song and watch the music video. To put it plainly, no music video has ever impacted me so greatly, making me question our society as a whole.


The song is John Legend playing his piano,but more. In each syllable in the song, a tiny arrow pierces through the emotional vale in your mind, hitting you over and over again with the fathomless emotion that is conveyed in this song.  The video was in black and white, perfect for the song because the words are the artist that color in each scene in your mind. The ending was a happy one, with a joyous wedding playing out and wanting you to switch over to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

I was moved, drawn in and left pleasantly happy for watching the video. But the more i thought about the lyrics, the more questions that began tugging at my mind.

Why would such a sad song one of the most popular songs on Itunes?

Why was I cutting onions while I was watching this video? (I didn’t actually cry don’t worry).

Why has this song impacted me so deeply?

One of the lines in the story moved me like a penny thrown into a wishing well, sinking deeper and deeper until I  hit the rock bottom of understanding.  “… Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections…” It is beautiful beyond words. Too often we judge based on appearances, when instead we should be searching deeper. An apple can look appealing on the outside and be rotting on the inside, while a coarse slab of rock can contain a diamond. We soul search with our eyes instead of our hearts, letting lust conflict with passion.

Not only do we live for lust, but we let it control us.  We are so addicted to the emotional detachment, living only for ourselves and indulging ourselves in the one-night stands of love. We’ve become disconnected to giving everything for one person and, in turn, receiving everything they have. We no longer live with these sentiments loving with everything we have, only loving with the bottoms of our hearts because it’s easier to lose the “emotional baggage” and let it go, making us desensitize ourselves to what love really is.

Love like there’s no tomorrow ladies and gents and don’t be afraid of love.

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