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Reflection of a College Spring Break

Hey everyone,

My first college spring break has come and gone like sand through my fingertips. Each moment hanging with friends, cherishing time with family, or just relaxing the day away seems like it happened a whole life time ago. Like most people, I wish I had traveled somewhere where there isn’t snow and the sun shines like a hot summer day. Alas, I had the simple pleasure of staying here a week for the Track Conference Meet, which was a blast, and then proceeded to head home to the sweet town of Geneva, Illinois. Though as much as I was that I had traveled, going home was nice as well. It’s great to have home cooked meals, a bed to sprawl out on to get quality rest, and not having to wake up before 10 each morning. Now that spring break is done, I am ecstatic about this spring term and all that awaits!

Hope everyone had a quality spring break and has a great third trimester!

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