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Sometimes You Just Need A Nap

Between classes, managing a tutoring organization, work, and getting ready to go to Japan (T-minus 16 days!!), I often find myself in desperate need of some sleep. I live in Erickson, so trekking back to upper campus just for a nap isn’t always feasible. As a result, I’ve made myself familiar with the coziest spots on campus and present to you my list of Augustana’s top five nap spots!


#5: The back of the CSL’s 4th floor

A common location for those looking to get some studying done, the spot I’m referencing is on the CSL’s 4th floor near the study group tables and the computer lab. When it’s not midterms or finals time, you can often find an empty couch or chair to sprawl across and take a quick snooze. The noise level can be a little too high depending on how many people are in the area. However, I find that the noise level is balanced out by the unrivaled view of Old Main that you see while you drift off to sleep.

#4: The Andreen lobby

Although I haven’t personally slept in the Andreen lobby (yet), I’ve been around there enough to know that it would make an ideal napping spot, depending on the time of day. Yes, there are those moments when someone is plunking something out at the piano or groups of students are hanging out. However, there are times when almost no one in the lobby, and if they are, they’re studying quietly (or even silently). Welcome to nap time!

#3: 1st floor of the Library

Ah, sweet silence. If you’re really feeling the stress of an upcoming paper or test and just need some peace and quiet for a few minutes, the first floor of the library is the place to go. In case you’re unfamiliar with the first floor, it houses those super cool moving stacks, a quiet computer/study lab, and Special Collections. There are some comfy chairs in the corner that are prime napping real estate, so park yourself in one of those and head off to Dreamland.

#2: Evald’s Great Hall

I find myself spending a lot of time in Evald for one reason or another, so this is a frequent nap spot for me. The Great Hall might not seem like the best place to get some rest, but you’d be surprised at how quiet it can be! When you have some downtime and classes are going on, there are only a few people in the Great Hall at a time, and they’re rarely talking. The couches and chairs are some of the comfiest on campus, as well, which is why the Great Hall ranks so high on my list!

And, finally…

#1: 4th Floor of the CSL, by the Game Room and Gavle Room

If I had to pick my favorite thing about the CSL renovations, it would be this specific location. No, I’m not talking about the couches by the fireplace. Although they’re comfy, they’re too out in the open. The couches I’m talking about are under the stairs that lead to the 5th floor/dining area. If you can get past listening to the constant humming of conversation and people walking up and down those stairs, you’ll be golden. No one goes into the Game Room or Gavle Room if there’s not an event going on, and the only guests I’ve had were library or facility workers. I can easily fit in a 30-60 minute nap without any distractions. The best part is that if you’re still sleepy when you wake up and have to head to class, the Brew is right there to give you a little pick-me-up. Do yourself a favor and nap here some time; just don’t wake me up!


Any favorite spots of yours that I missed or have something to say about my spots? Let me know in the comments!

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