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5 Best Bathrooms on Campus

Rush season will be wrapping up here in the next few days, and I have definitely made some fantastic memories. But there’s one thing I have to do before my rush experience comes to an end. So in honor of rush season and all the crazy questions I’ve been asked in the past week, here’s my list of the best bathrooms on Augustana’s campus:

5. The bathrooms by the Gavle Room, under the CSL (Not the CSL bathrooms, and not the Brew bathrooms, the 4th floor bathrooms…you know what I’m talking about)– The biggest, and probably nicest, bathrooms on campus. Always deserted, and always classy. I definitely recommend these.

4. 1st floor Westerlin and Erickson bathrooms– I think they’re considered the “public” bathrooms in the dorms, but they’re so weird. One stall, two sinks. Please explain that to me. Regardless, these are also an excellent option. Especially the Westerlin one because it’s a sauna in there, so it’s a great way to warm up after coming in from the -20 degree weather.

3. Founder’s Hall bathroom- A real diamond in the rough if I do say so myself. Also a little weird with stairs, no lighting except for a window and not enough room to navigate with a backpack, but definitely worth it if you’re wandering around upper campus.

2. Bathrooms on any floor of Old Main- If privacy isn’t an issue, then check these beauties out.They definitely got a face lift along with the rest of Old Main in the renovations and you can’t pass up the Accelerator hand dryers.

1. 1st floor bathrooms in the College Center- A little grimy, but also always empty. There’s tons of room for your backpack, coat, etc. and it’s super convenient on your way to check mail and grab a meal in Snack Shop.

While not accessible to general public, I do have to give a shootout to my favorite bathroom on campus: Westerlin 2J bathrooms, second stall on the left- We’re creatures of habit, and this is my go to bathroom on my floor.

So there it is. My recommendations of the best bathrooms on campus. Check them out, tell me what you think. And if I left any good ones out, let me know!

Until next time- Caitlin


4 Responses to “5 Best Bathrooms on Campus”

  1. To say I am thrilled about this blog post is an understatement.

  2. That Olin one where you get to look in the mirror is pretty awesome!

  3. I’ m anxiously awaiting the follow-up of worst bathrooms on campus. Some discussion about the Centennial Hall 1/2 stall basement bathroom will be covered?

  4. The Olin toilets have lovely ergonomic seats. It’s a little weird at first, but then you begin to really appreciate that comfortable curved surface . . .

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