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Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

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Last year, a friend told me, “You know, I heard that you can only have two of the three at college: good grades, a social life or sleep.”

The further you get in your college career, the more you’ll realize how true this is.

For the last couple of years, I mostly chose good grades and sleep. I’m kind of a shy person anyway, so it’s not like I have a huge friend circle, but I was pretty happy to spend time doing homework. Saturday nights last year were movie nights with a couple of my friends, but I didn’t hang out much with friends during the week. There were the occasional 1 am nights, the week 8s, week 9s and week 10s when I stayed up late to finish a paper, a project, a presentation or (sometimes) all three. But mostly, I got my good grades and I got my sleep.

There’s been a shift in my priorities this year.

In ten years, heck, even five, I’m not going to fondly remember the luxuriousness of my narrow bed in Arbaugh.

I’m not going to think, “Ah yes, the first day of February. That was a night of sleep to remember.”

No, I’m going to remember the time I got home at 3 am from a cast party (which didn’t feel like the best decision the next morning when I had to wake up at 8:30 to volunteer). I’m going to remember meals and conversations at Arthur’s Deli and Osaka Buffet. I’m going to remember watching bad movies with my friends from Alpha Psi Omega (and seriously, if you’re into bad movies Chillerama is the worst). I’m even going to remember just doing homework with my roommates.

The last time I saw the right side of midnight was probably the last day of winter break. I’ve slept less this term than ever before. But you know what? I’ll probably remember this term for a long, long time.

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