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Love Letter Lessons: Inspiration to Seize the Day

Let’s let me talk selfishly for a second, but about something most girls and maybe some boys can relate to. When I was younger I remember constantly chasing boys like dogs chasing cats. Never-ending. What was my goal? It was always to deliver a letter filled with my feelings. Yet, I never caught up to the boys of course, being a girl, I was WAY too slow. Years past and when I finally gave up it seemed like all the shooting stars, 11:11 clocks and four leaf clovers I wished on seemed to all expire at once. I began finding guys I connected with and enjoyed being with. Yet, each ended leaving me a little more heart-broken and hesitant. During all this, I was discovering myself without even knowing it. Then, when I realized it, I forgot. How ironic right? The worst part was I then would repeat this little merry-go-round over and over again. In turn, I switched my goal to focusing on my friend’s happiness and making their happiness mine. What I didn’t notice was the pain I was causing myself and how had become and that I had forgotten myself. When I would try to be happy, I would end up hurting the people I care about most, therefore myself as well.
At this point you may be asking, what is the point of this story and her life?
It’s not about my life. It is about one big mistake that I have yet to fix. We all have one. One we have yet to realize. For me, love was everything, yet nothing. It caused me pain and happiness. What I needed to find was myself, my goals, my life and let love find me. It is not easy; almost impossible really(mostly because of how impatient I am). We all come to college to face those reality checks, problems and mistakes. We are hurt, we cry, laugh, yell, but through it all we must remember one thing.
We will regret the things,
We never try.
We will regret the things,
We do try.
We will laugh and cry,
We will never give up.

The journey is painful, but we were given this life because we are strong enough to live it and it is well worth the ride.
So I am going to hold onto my last love letter, as a reminder, the chase is not over yet.

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