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No School Tomorrow

Something historical happened at Augustana tonight; class for Monday was cancelled! The last time Augie cancelled snow was because they got over a foot of snow in one night. Augie rarely cancels classes. Some people rumor it’s because we’re a Swedish school and we’re honoring our roots – this is possible considering we have a lot of Swedish donors. Some people say it’s because the administration want’s us to suffer – this is not the case, though it may feel like it when you have to roll out of bed to walk to class at 8am in sub-zero temperatures. The school say’s it’s because we’re a residential campus so things shouldn’t affect us as much.

However, I don’t really care why Augie does or does not cancel classes, I would have gone to class tomorrow anyways (partly because I like the class, but mostly because the rough draft of my Senior Inquiry is supposed to be due). I’m just glad class was cancelled because it will keep us all safer and give me more time to do homework, because lately I feel like I’ve been scrambling to get my work done. I’ll also be nursing this terrible migraine which has made me dizzy for days, so not having to go out is nice.

So with that, I hope that anyone else out there with a snow day or a wind day or whatever type of day you have tomorrow has a great day and takes at least a couple minutes for themselves!

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