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Three Eyes

The Three Eyes, unfortunately, have nothing to do with aliens or strange animals with a secret third eye. Although, the Three Eyes are hidden within beautiful trees and depths of the earth in the Dominican Republic like buried treasure. These eyes are actually underground rivers, and before they were discovered they used to be the secret pride and joy of boy scouts who would go to camp and swim in these waters. However, they are now a tourist site and only residence of the island are allowed to swim in these waters. To get to the underground rivers, one must travel down about five flights of had carved stone stairs. One interesting fact about the water is that it is a combination of salt and freshwater.

Similarly to the Hindu story of The Four Heads of Brahmā, there is a hidden fourth eye just like Brahmā’s hidden fifth head. This fourth eye is located past the third and to get to it one must swim or ride a little floating boat across its waters.

Looking for more on the trip to the Dominican? Visit AIST.com for more information on similar adventures to ours. please also enjoy this YouTube video put together by our tour guides. BIG shout out and HUGE thanks to Coach Kistler, Chad, Kinsey and Bert for making this trip possible and absolutely amazing.



The Hidden Fourth Eye

The Hidden Fourth Eye

There was a little area where tourist could dip their feet into the Second Eye's water.

There was a little area where tourist could dip their feet into the Second Eye’s water.



Underground tunnel to  Fourth Eye

Underground tunnel to Fourth Eye

The Fourth Eye

The Fourth Eye

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