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So here were are again. It’s always such a pleasure. I’m using this song lyric as a witty transition to my fantastic announcement. Myself along a few friends are starting Augustana’s first acapella  group: Augapella.

But before we can actually do anything, we need people. So I’m including this sign up sheet for anyone interested in joining.

Note: Writing your name down doesn’t mean that you’re contractually bound to joining. This is just a way for us to get a better grasp for who wants to be involved.

We are currently looking for well…anyone who wants to be involved. No real acapella experience is required, though it would be appreciated. For anyone who is nervous about joining, don’t be! Most of us are in the same boat. This is something where we can grow along the way.

And hey, if don’t want to join but know someone who might be interested, send them here. I would really appreciate it.


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