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Res Hall Etiquette

Tragedy struck on Monday: I ran out of clean yoga pants. This of course warranted a trip to the 2J laundry room. This is not a pleasant place, let me tell you. It’s like a jungle in there, full of crazy and scary creatures. When it comes to snagging a washer or dryer, us 2J girls are relentless. So after getting my dryer stolen three consecutive times, I left my damp laundry to sit overnight with hopes of getting a dryer first thing Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning came and tragedy had struck again. Someone had stolen my dollar in quarters out of my laundry basket. What savages, I tell you. (Let this also serve as a warning to whoever stole my quarters…) Who would do that? What twisted human would steal a poor college girl’s laundry money? It was devastating.

This terribly tragic event is what prompted me to think about residential hall etiquette. The do’s and don’t of dorm life. So here are a few of my tips, warnings and faux pas of living in a dorm:

1- DO have respect: It’s all about respect. Respect for your fellow hall mates, for your roommate, and for yourself. When it’s 12am on a school and you hear girls screaming and guys playing lacrosse down the hall, it leaves one a little bitter.

2- DON’T be shy: 2J is the epicenter for socialization. Don’t be afraid to knock on your neighbors door to say hey. And definitely leave your door open every once in awhile. You’d be surprised by how many people will pop in to chat!

3- DON’T touch other people’s belongings: This seems pretty obvious, but don’t mess with other people’s stuff. Shower caddy: don’t touch it. Door decs: leave them alone. People value their personal belongings, so just don’t do it!

4- DO remember that this is college: Do take heed to what I’ve just said, but also keep in mind that this is college! People want to have fun and sometimes that includes getting a little loud and crazy. It can be frustrating sometimes, but just remember: have fun!

Until next time- Caitlin

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