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Catching Fire


First off, I really enjoyed the movie Catching Fire. I thought it followed the story line pretty well, and it was very attention grabbing. (Had to say it, I just saw it a few days ago:) )Anyway,  just like for Hunger Games, I do not believe this film glorifies violence in any way. Just as before, the fact that people have to kill each other is condoned by most people outside the Capitol, and now even by some in the Capitol when people found out that the tributes they fell in love with have to fight each other now. The question about whether or not this film glorifies dissent however is a gray area, especially in the beginning. Like most people, Katniss hates the Capitol and President Snow, and while most of her actions are out of love for her family, you can’t help but think that deep down she is getting some sort of satisfaction with her dissenting actions against the Capitol and the fact that she has so much control over the people’s emotions…but for the most part her actions are out of love and protection for her family rather than political protest. I wouldn’t necessarily tag Katniss as a reluctant dissenter, because she clearly has cold feelings towards the Capitol and how people have been treated for so long, but generally speaking I don’t think she is wanting to dissent. Gail would be an image of dissent, and even her sister Prim in the second book starts to lean towards wanting to act out. So many people are wanting this rebellion and are looking to Katniss to lead it, but as much as she wants it to happen she does not want to be responsible for the death of so many people, especially those she cares about.

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