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Is London Calling?

You’ve all been getting those pesky emails about “STUDY ABROAD APPS DUE!” every other day or so over break, right? Well until about three days ago when my dear friend, Paige, visited me, I didn’t even think about these emails. Once she arrived, we began discussing our options for studyingabroad and wondered if we should be applying. So after hours of extensive (ish) research, we came to the conclusion that we definitely wanted to study abroad next year. While we’ll only be sophomores, we found that the programs that we’re interested in run on a three-year rotation, and would not be returning until after we graduate.


The program that I have chosen (I think) is Fall Term in London. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Yeah, I think so too. I only say “I think,” because I’m still trying to convince my parents that I definitely should do it, but it’s a slow process. Regardless of their current positions, I’m in the process of applying as we speak. And let me tell you, this is exciting stuff. Not the application itself. The concept of traveling abroad and living in a different country for a whole term. It’s also slightly terrifying. The thought of traveling to a different country and living there.. for a whole term. The mix of excitement and anxiety is giving me a headache. But the excitement is definitely winning.

As Augie students, I think we’re truly so lucky when it comes to studying abroad. We get Augie choice, an incredible option that no other university offers. And everyone studies abroad! (well not everyone, but a very high percentage, ranking in the top 30 in the country for % of students who study abroad)

So I guess my message here is to consider your options for studying abroad. There’s something there for everyone! (trust me I know, I’ve checked)

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