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I Miss Augie…

It’s winter break and I’ve been ready to head back to Augie. It’s hard transitioning from a productive college life to back at home.

Here’s some things I miss about Augie:

Veggie Chik’n

Hot Cocoa (The best cocoa is the one that’s just a button away)

Being able to sleep anywhere on campus – my favorite place is behind the CSL computer lab on the 4th floor. (It’s too cold to walk to my room)

The humorous chefs

The hills (I bet they’d be perfect to sled down)

My Modern Fiction class (I enjoy this class so much, I don’t even care that it’s at 8:30am)

Events with FREE FOOD

My cozy little mailbox

Making sandwiches for the campus

Not having to wash dishes

ACES so I won’t have to walk

Free Food opportunities

Fast Drying Dryers

Studying in Old Main

Going down the Olin stairs… definitely not up (I’m grateful for shortcuts!)

More cool stuff

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  1. Yep, breaks can be too long. But it’s a little on the cold side today!

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