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I’m back. I’m officially no longer under the radar. So instead of giving you excuses I’m sure you don’t care about and/or want to hear, let’s get started and I’m going to need a checklist so bear with me:

WAUG: Stay tuned

Midterms: Check

Winter Break: Check

Me trying to be witty: In progress

Now that midterms have come and gone, I can gladly say that I’m relieved to have only had one midterm. If I had any more, I might have had a small nuclear meltdown (Not really Chernobyl, but more along the lines of the Tunguska event). But melodrama aside I learned a valuable thing about myself: I prefer to be tested regularly. By being tested on a regular basis (around two weeks), I can become more acclimated with the course material and become more confident in what I need to know for midterms and finals. While that does mean more time spent over the course of 5/10 weeks studying for these tests, it is less stressful than being unsure of what I am expected to know than having to sit down and read through all the readings and notes. Side note: the Brew on a Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. is a great place to study: It has a nearby source of caffeine and quiet for the most part.

Now the fun stuff. Overall winter break has been pretty great. I, along with my family, enjoy having the three weeks off. I had a feeling that the break was going to be fantastic when I got in the car with my friends to carpool home and my friend’s dad had bought Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza for the road. What can I say, Bella Luna gets old. The first few days were spend with family for Christmas celebration and a birthday party for my now 1 year old niece. Then I got together with an old friend and exchanged gifts, I got an awesome hat and I have her a lovely candle. Now I wear that hat everywhere, and I’ve been told I look good in it, and now my ego has reached critical mass. But with every break comes the long extended period of boredom. I’ve tried passing the time by watching NBC comedies, which surprisingly aren’t that bad, watching movies, along with a little art project that I’ve been working on. The project itself is about 75% done. I have to actually finish certain areas, touching up mistakes, and have it critiqued so it may be improved. If I find the inspiration (and luck) it can be finished before the SAGA deadline, but don’t get your hopes up.


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