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Christmas has come and gone; or has it?

***This is a disclaimer that this post was meant to be published sometime around the end of December. However, I just found it sitting in my drafts, and I’d hate to let a good post about my favorite holiday go to waste…

While some of you may have wrapped up the Christmas holiday, my family still has one day left of  festivities; which will bring us to a grand total of 3 days of Christmas and one surprise birthday party in one week.

Day one of Christmas took place on Christmas Eve when my “immediate” family gathered at my stepbrother’s house. This “immediate” family included both of my stepbrothers, my mom, my stepfather, my stepbrother’s fiance, my niece and one nephew – the other one was home sick ): I had a great time on Christmas Eve for a couple reasons. First, I got to spend time with my family, which is always a plus. Second, I was able to eat good gluten free food. Third, I got to snuggle with my niece, Hayden Marie, who was only 3 days old! Fourth, we got to relax and watch Despicable Me 2, which I’ve now seen 4 times because I think it’s that great. We also opened presents and played Sequence.

Hayden Marie

Hayden Marie

Day two of Christmas took place on Christmas and actually had two parts. Part one was with my “really immediate” family – which is just my mom, my stepdad, and my brother. During this part we opened presents and then just relaxed, which again was spectacular. Part two involved going to my aunt and uncle’s house where we met up with my grandma, 4 of my uncles, 3 of my aunts, 5 of my cousins, and my “really immediate” family. We ate soup, did a 1,000 piece puzzle (which is kind of becoming a Christmas tradition), had a cribbage tournament and if you were me you napped on the couch. Unfortunately, I was feeling a little under the weather by the time we got to part two. I think it was a combination of my pet allergies, the longs days that I’d had earlier in the week, and a cold coming on. I heard that the soup was excellent though.

Day three(?) was today, which was not actually a Christmas celebration but a surprise party for my Uncle Jamie who turned 50 today. At the beginning of the month my mom told me that she was working on planning a surprise party for Jamie’s birthday and it was my job to get old swimmers to come to the party. I was sceptical on how many people would show up, considering it’s the day after Christmas, but we had an excellent turnout and Jamie was very surprised to see so many people there, especially since he had no idea anything was planned.

Day four will be on Saturday, when my whole family – approximately 40 people – gets together at a house. We’ll be having sloppy joes and the adults(21+) will have a cocktail exchange while the kids have a musical chairs game type of thing.

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  1. congrats on the new niece. she’s super cute!

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