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Mornings are hard. Listen to white noise.

It takes me roughly 75 minutes to be a fully functioning human-being in the morning and this is not because I take that long to get ready. Fact: I can be from bed to out the door with a “real” outfit on (dress, tights, boots, sweater), with my hair “done” (messy braid or bun) and teeth brushed in 12 minutes. I even get compliments on how nice I look on days like that. It takes me 75 minutes to function because I hate mornings. I hate the sunrise. I hate the birds chirping. I hate the cheery-wavy people. I prefer night time. However, I took a job where I work at 6am three mornings a week. Some people might be confused by this, I mean sometimes I get confused by this, but it really works out well. When I go to work, I don’t have to talk to anyone; I just have to sit there and watch people swim for two hours. It’s really quite fantastic. Then by the time work is over, I’m ready to interact with the rest of the world, not just my car and my lifeguard tube.

However, the downside to this work arrangement is that sometimes I just can’t sleep. I could get in bed at 11pm and watch the hours tick by each hour until 3am and at that point I wonder if it’s even worth it to sleep. Last night was one of those nights. There were tons of people out milling around on campus last night, particularly on the Slough, which just happens to be where my window opens up to. On nights like this I hate that I work in the morning. I know that I will have to drag myself out of bed, which usually means rolling off the bed and on to the floor, in order to get up. So the lesson I learned is to listen to white noise when going to bed. It may not completely drown out the people outside, but it can give you something else to focus on, and that makes all the difference.

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