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Dear mom, Please answer your phone when I call. Love, Victoria

So I’m a mama’s girl, and this probably not a surprise to anyone. I grew up in a single parent household and while sometimes I was absolutely terrible to my mother, I still love her like no other. She is honestly one of the best people I know. She is strong, and giving , and loving, and everything you could want in a person. Now don’t get me wrong, she still has her faults. Her biggest fault, in my eyes, would be not answering her phone when I call. Since I love my mother, I also love to talk to her. I probably talk to her everyday, at least once a day. I understand that this is completely different from some of my peers who rarely talk to their parents. But I just don’t understand how I couldn’t talk to her. I think it’s because I just like to bug her. I mean, what’s more fun than bugging your parents?

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