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Lady Gaga Music Video Marathon

All I wanted to do yesterday was listen to the song “Judas” by Lady Gaga, but I couldn’t get my internet to work in the library so I was out of luck until I got back to my apartment. Then I went a little overload. I not only watched the music video for “Judas” but also for 9 other Lady Gaga songs. I like Lady Gaga, and I accept her for who she is. I don’t really care what she wears, or what any celebrity wears for that matter, everyone should just be themselves. However, I was a little weirded out and confused after watching 10 Lady Gaga videos. Half the time I couldn’t figure out how the scene in front of me had anything to do with the lyrics. The other half of the time I totally understood the artistic portrayal of the song, but it definitely weirded me out. Case in point here would be the music video for “Born This Way”; I might have nightmares about that one. In the end though it turned out to be a great way to spend more than an hour of my time after a long week.

Born This Way

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