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Winter Tips

We’ve had a lot of posts about Christmas at Augustana and just plain Christmas, so I figured I’d stick with the theme and give you a few tips about surviving winter on this relatively large campus.

bundled_up_21) Bundle up. A lot. I mean it.

A friend told me this last winter: “You see the people with those stylish coats and two-inch heeled boots and you know they’re the freshmen.” My exposure to the winter in high school involved a five-minute wait for the bus, and then a thirty-second dash into school. Same thing on the way home.

Here, however, you need to take into account that you’re going to be walking around outside for a long time. Unless you’re living in Andreen or Seminary, it’s going to take you at least ten minutes to walk to your classes (unless you have the joy of a morning PE in Carver). Stylish coats won’t get you through ten minutes in 3-degrees with a ten-mile-per-hour wind. So get a warm scarf, get a hat, get a good pair of gloves. And layer up. Otherwise, you’re going to catch hypothermia or get frostbite or something.

personal-shopper-adorably-sensible-winter-boots-for-joy-big2) Boots. They’re important.

Although everyone makes a huge fuss about how icy the campus is, I’ve seen more people fall on the library stairs when it’s raining than slip and fall on ice. Usually, Augie does a pretty good job of salting. (Watch out for the bridge to Sorenson though)

That being said, if you have an 8:30 class, watch out. Often, you’ll pass the plows and the people with the bags of salt on your way to class. There was one day last winter when (and I’m not exaggerating one bit) I felt like I was walking on a skating rink. For some reason, there was a thin sheet of ice all over everything.

So, a good pair of boots, with treads on the soles, is pretty important (not to mention that it’ll help keep your toes warm).

Wear them when it snows, sure, but wear them the day after as well. Sometimes, patches of ice tend to linger, ready to snag an unwitting walker…

hot33) The Brew is your friend

Caffeine is almost every college student’s friend. But I know of nothing so comforting as getting a nice hot chocolate when I’m frozen to the bone in spite of my hat, scarf, gloves and sweater. Heat is a good thing, and the Brew will provide you with a whole lot of warming concoctions to get the blood flowing again.


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