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Dating Ettiquette I Wish Were Still Cool

Hey everyone!

This week 4 has bitten me right in the butt, seriously. It’s been so hectic trying to write my first draft on my SI intro! But I’m taking a break…so hooray!! Looks like you’re taking a break too!

This week I’m blogging about more old-school dating etiquette that has fallen out of favor, and we should bring back!

So without further ado….Nicole presents to you: Top Five Dating Etiquette Things I Wish Were Cool”

1. Holding the door. Now I get it, ladies are all, “I can open my own door…let me assert my feminism!”. Guys are all like, “We don’t need to open doors!’. Blah blah blah. Hey, that’s cool. I like to open my own door too, but sometimes it’s just nice. I hope girls open the doors for guys, I know I do!
2. Going to the door to collect your significant other. I don’t care if you’re a girl or boy, this is just polite. I hate it when my friend comes to my house to pick me up and sends me a text saying, “Here” and doesn’t come to the door. If you’re on a time crunch I understand, but it’s nice of you to take 2 minutes and meet my family.
3. Dressing to impress. I know clothes are difficult sometimes, especially in the winter where all you want to wear is sweatpants and an oversized hoodie or sweater. First (and second, third…and eightieth) impressions are always important! I’m not saying people will judge you all the time, but they might. Your appearance may signal to another person that you don’t actually care, not about your look, but about them. So class it up, even just a tiny bit.
4. Flowers. For real, I haven’t gotten flowers since my senior prom four years ago. Again, it’s just a cute gesture and a nice first impression. To me it says either, “I’m being a total scumbag and trying to get with you” or “Hey, I’m super cutely nervous about this date that I got you these to distract you from how awkward I am”. preferably the latter! Maybe I should give flowers to everyone! Haha 🙂
5. Being clear on when you’re dating. I’ve talked to people when they tell me about their relationship and they say things like, “I’m not actually sure if we’re dating or not”. Seriously, call the shots and be clear about it. None of that wishy-washy bullcrap that everyone hates. Commitment, it’s scary.

So there’s my list! Is there something not on here that you would’ve liked to see? Comment it!

Have a wonderful snowy Wednesday and stay warm!

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  1. Totally agree with you on this one!
    Plenty of guys doesn’t know how to treat girls nowadays (

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