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Lessons Learned – “Let there be peace on Earth”

I’ll just start this post with a disclaimer: This post is a little long. And it starts off slightly pessimistic, with a discussion of various health issues, but it ends on a good note (:

Today I was having a terrible day. I have a back condition called degenerative disk disease. This means that the disks between my vertebrae are prone to deteriorating. I already have a disk that’s “missing” between my L4 and L5 vertebrae. A lot of people ask what it means that I’m missing a disk. I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure. My doctors said that I may have never had a disk there or it could have just deteriorated as I got older. This condition can cause me some pretty bad pain sometimes, since I don’t have a disk to help absorb shock in my back my muscles a left to do the job. I also have snapping hip syndrome that causes the tendons in my hips to catch on each other and on the head of my femur.

Individually, these conditions aren’t too terrible to manage, but when they both flair up at the same time I can be in a world of hurt. Sure enough, both of these problems were acting up last night; my back was killing me, my hips were out of whack and I was feeling a little miserable. I wasn’t able to sleep last night, and I was still in pain in the morning so I emailed my professors to let them know that I wouldn’t be in class today.

So despite taking a “personal” day, I was having a terrible time. I can’t get comfortable. I constantly have to get up from where I’m sitting so that I can walk around and stretch a little bit. My pain management techniques weren’t working. Overall I was just not having it; I wanted to spend all day in bed. And I’ll admit, I did take a 3 hour nap, but I justify it because I wasn’t able to sleep last night.

Anyways, after I got up from my nap I checked my personal email, since I don’t have it connected to my phone, and I saw that I had an email from SC Johnson, the company that makes Glade candles. No, the email wasn’t spam; it was a response to an email that I had sent them during the weekend! I am in love with the song they have in this holiday commercial – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBSyTi3Kyb4. I had looked all over the internet to find the song, but I could only find the commercial. I decided that I was going to let the company know how I felt about the song and I received an automated email saying they aim to respond to email inquiries within one business day. My roommate was skeptical that I would receive a response, but I had faith.

Back to today – I was thrilled when I saw their response today! In the email they noted that they were glad to hear how much I loved the song and as a gift to me for the holidays they had included the sheet music for the song. I was happy with this, but I am not proficient in playing any instrument, so I was still a little upset. However, at the end of the email they included a link to the free full-length downloadable song, performed by Jordin Sparks. Being able to download this song totally made my day; I’ve actually had it on repeat for the last half hour, much to my roommate’s demise.

In the end, what started as a terrible day ended up being much better simply because I received an email. This email also taught me that if I really want something I should just go for it, because while my roommate was skeptical that Glade would respond to my email, they not only responded but they exceeded my expectations!

PS – Here is the link to the free download: http://www.glade.com/en/this-is-my-wish

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