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Enjoying the Snow

So how about this weather? Not too long ago did it begin to snow and become a freezing temperature. In California, our cold weather is about 65 F, maybe 54 F, and people bring out the scarves and jackets/coats. According to my roommate Mayu, that’s hot; “I would be sweating”, she says. Adjusting to the cold weather here last year wasn’t so bad. This year is a lot colder, but surprisingly I’m handling it pretty good. I do complain on how I can’t feel my fingertips even with gloves on or how my face feels like it’s going to fall off (at least that’s what it feels like to me). What I like most about the cold is the snow!! Especially fluffy snow like today; its fun drawing in the snow and making snow angels 🙂 Most of my friends here at Augie are from Illinois or around the mid-west so this isn’t new to them. I, on the other hand, look like a child seeing snow for the first time. You can never be too old to enjoy and play in the snow 🙂

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