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Winter Term and Christmas at Augustana

In the words of the very prolific and respected artist Miley Cyrus, Winter term has come in like a wrecking ball. (That’s what that song is about, right? School? No? Oh, okay.)

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that this term has been a big change for me. As I mentioned in a previous post, my Fall term was very relaxed.  I spent a lot of time watching Breaking Bad and going on Pinterest to look things like this


Dear Mom and Dad, I promise you’re not paying tuition for me to look at pictures of animals on the internet


This is not to say I didn’t learn anything, or that my classes were too easy. They just didn’t require too much time spent on homework, which was perfect for me. The adjustment from living at home to being at college was a lot to handle without the added stress of an overwhelming course load, and I’m very happy that things worked out the way they did. However, these past three weeks have been a wake up call. The amount of homework I’ve had has increased exponentially, and this past week has been packed with rehearsals for the Christmas at Augustana concert.

What is Christmas at Augustana you ask? 

Well, let me tell you. It is a holiday extravaganza featuring many different groups from the music department. The Ascension Ringers, Brass Ensemble, Augustana Choir, Symphony Orchestra, Jenny Lind Vocal Ensemble, Wennerberg Men’s Chorus, and Cantilena Augustana all performed. All us choir kids had a lot of extra practices these last two weeks preparing for the concert this weekend, and although it was time consuming, it was all worth it in the end. I enjoyed getting to sing so many Christmas songs (I am a Christmas fanatic, as you probably gleaned from my last post) and getting to hang out my family when they came out to see it.



Centennial Hall looking very festive for the concert 


My good friend Katie and I pre-concert. Katie looking at the camera and smiling like a normal person, me looking away and laughing at something (my own lame joke probably) 

Now that the concert is over, I am more in the Christmas spirit than ever, and am hoping these next 11 days fly by so I can get home and spend some quality holiday time with my family. And also so I can escape the ever mounting pile of work waiting for me in my classes. But mostly the family thing.

Time to get back to the hours of homework I’ve been neglecting by writing this. Rats.

Have a nice week y’all.


P.S. Here’s a pug in slippers which is also a pug with pugs on its feet. Pugception. 

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  1. Thank you for ignoring your homework for the time being to write up some Christmas cheer and send cute photos reminding us all to be less Pugnacious this Christmas season!

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