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Hello everyone!

Now I’m back from a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday that was spent i Springfield. Good food, nice company and a beautiful home made it a nice trip! We also made a trip to the Abraham Lincoln museum, and watched lots of good movies. We also went Black Friday shopping, and went to a mall that had a paris wheel inside of it (which are both things that are crazy to understand for a Swede like me, we just don’t have those things at home).

And now, being back at Augie, I have realized that it’s less than three weeks left to Christmas break! Time is going so fast, I can’t believa that I’ve alread been here for almost four monts. Anyway, there’s a lot of things going on right now with school, work and choir concerts coming up, but it’s a lot of fun! I’m also excited about the break, since I’m gonna go to New York, Washington DC and then to Dallas, Texas.

Anyway, here are some pictures from this weekend:

IMG_7550[1] IMG_7572[1] IMG_7539[1] IMG_7510[1]

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