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Challenging All People With Hands and Hearts

I’m writing this because I need a favor from all of you. That means you point at your chest and nod your head in excitement. Thank you in advance.

Ever since I’ve been a freshman I generally see everyone drudging across the quad desperately trying to avoid the coming onslaught of class. I get it, there are times I don’t want to go to class because I have an important date with a box, markers, and my imagination. Adults just don’t understand. So maybe I’m “creepy” or “Too old” to play in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese. You win that one. I don’t like getting boogers put on me anyways. I guess have to abide by some of society’s “rules”. Let’s take some fun and inject it like that stuffing in the Turkeys we are all still sweating out. If anyone hasn’t seen me lately I resemble the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.


I need help finding out the Rock, Paper, Scissors Champ. I think it should be decided Highlander style. It doesn’t matter if were complete strangers if you run up to me or someone else and say the magic words, “Sean Connery has a Scottish accent for a Spanish character and that really makes me want to go bananas,” then the gauntlet has been thrown down. If you fail to play due to time constraints you can reschedule. If you just chicken out then your power will still be taken by your challenger thus making them closer to being “THE ONE”.  At this point take your best power stance and get ready to rock and or roll. You play rock, paper, scissors like you own a Hobby Lobby and they are on fire sale.  The loser must then proceed to do their best Mick Jagger impersonation. Best 2 out of 3 wins.


More importantly go do something nice for someone and tell them to pay it forward. Take time out of our day to be extremely weird and do something insanely nice for a total stranger. Take a box of cookies and just hand them out to people or if you are truly daring build an igloo for my friend Bo Goshorn. If you need help finding him, he’s the tall ripped guy that sings Wagon Wheel like Dracula. Can’t miss him.

Believe that you can change the world around you and that you are great. Because you are. That’s when you point at your chest and nod in excitement again.

If you want to challenge me to R.P.S. I look like this.

7D4874C4-D46F-DCE0-7F72CD01D0C0B27CBut actually this is what I look like.

600full-kelly-ripaKELLY RIPA!

But in all Casper the serious ghostness I look like a young man on a mission to make the world a friendlier abode for his future kids.


3 Responses to “Challenging All People With Hands and Hearts”

  1. If you’re handing out cookies, stay away from me. Just send good thoughts.

  2. Can I have Leslie’s cookie?

  3. You can have her cookie and a J.Crew catalog from 1995.

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