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Diary of a Model UN delegate


So the last time I posted anything was right before I went to Model UN. The experience was…interesting to say the least. We all left the college and drove to Galesburg (which had a great coffee place if anyone’s interested). But you don’t really care about Galesburg do you? Probably not (no offense to anyone from Galesburg and/or the Galesburg area). Over the three days we were down, I realized the different stages of the conference:

  • Day One: The Introduction

For a newcomer like myself, the first day followed what I expected it to. Everyone was very nice and was trying to give a brief synopsis of what legislation they wanted to pass. From what I was told, I had an easier committee compared to other because our topic was “fighting corruption”. Most nations, from what I’ve been told, don’t enjoy corruption, so everyone could agree on that. What everyone didn’t agree on, was the method. But for our nation Uruguay, who isn’t leading the world in anti-corruption legislation, we basically remained supportive of certain ideas but weren’t required to be directly involved.

  • Day Two: The Lobbying

This is when the divisions started. After about an hour it clear who was leading the group and who were left at the wayside. Funny thing was, for a report that was directed at aiding Africa, the original draft had no African supporters and later on was rewritten by African nations to suit their needs, which I admire. Out of all the people from that day, the delegate from the Islamic Republic of Iran was the most fun. First of all, he repeated “The Islamic Republic of Iran” 90% of the time he spoke and never slipped up, which is an accomplishment. Second, he has very passionate about his role and remained in character, trying to shoot down an amendment proposed by the United States and tried stalling anyway he could. The best way to put it: he was that guy you love to hate.

  • Day Three: The Breakdown

This was the most infuriating part of the entire session. Overall, I enjoy the conference and the people were generally nice. But on this day, it was ridiculous.  Normally, a session was suspended for 10-30 minutes so that delegates could discuss an rewrite. understandable. Yes it’s perfectly understandable, comprehensible, not a bit reprehensible. But when a session is suspended for an hour and a half (90 minutes), leaving us with thirty minutes of a session left, we might have crossed a line somewhere. Let me tell you these 90 minutes were not wasted. The nations of Uruguay, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the United Kingdom all bolstered their relationship with a lovely game of Spoons, we used the pens that were generously given to us by the Sheraton Hotel. After the suspension was finished we decided to use the last thirty minutes wisely: by debating on who was going to present the report. From my observation, there was about 6 people who worked the closest on the report and in my opinion, should be people speaking.  But when there is an opportunity for 10 people to present, well… you get the picture.

I don’t know what to make of this. One one hand, this was a great opportunity to understanding how a legislative body operates while meeting interesting people. Before I forget, for those of you who come from out of state and are from warm climates like Arizona or Texas, there is one rule you should know before going to Chicago: ALWAYS BRING A JACKET! If you forget your jacket when going down to the Windy City in winter, you’re going to have a bad time. But I digress. On the other hand, when you return to college you are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, not to mention the work you have to make up. Next year, we represent Germany, so things definitely could go better in terms of political presence, but the jury’s still out. I’m a bit unsure if I want to take part in this again but I really want to give it one more chance before I make up my mind. Give me a year and I’ll figure it out.


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  1. So, you get to be Angela Merkel next year? Did you know she started out as a chemist?

  2. gage-
    I had no idea you were blogging for Augie:-)! You seem to being doing so well! I am so happy to see all the things you have joined in such a short time!

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