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Super Sale Saturday

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed being around friends and family! I know I did even if it wasn’t with my immediate family I still had an amazing time!

In my household we do a very traditional thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, rolls, calabasitas, green bean casserole, loaded mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, and of course pie! SO many different pies; pumpkin, lemon, key lime, chocolate pecan, and apple! The home I went to this year though didn’t have quite the traditional foods as we do though. I absolutely adore the family I am staying with; I have known them for almost 4 years now and couldn’t have asked for a better second home! They insisted on cooking and gave me the eye if I did anything except act as another child. For dinner with my second family we had: a traditional Italian pasta dish (as the family is Italian), stuffing, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, green bean dish, sweet potatoes, corn, and of course turkey. This turkey was by far the biggest turkey I have ever seen! Mama Pags had gotten a 25 pound turkey to feed five of us. To put that into perspective that’s the size of a small child. After dinner we had pie and a tart my family had sent as a thank you to the Pagliarellos. Everything was so good!

With thanksgiving coming to an end, everyone began to go their seperte ways in the house. However, none of us would dare step foot outside into a store for Black Friday. Why would anyone? Granted I have never taken part and as much as I would like to, the consequences just seem to outweigh any fun that I could potentially have. Every year it seems like the deals become scarcer and the people who participate become more aggressive. I cannot justify to myself how a TV that is only 200-300 dollars off is worth the possibility of being involved in a fight. I just cannot do it. On the other hand though, the rumor is that Black Friday is becoming obsolete especially with the rise of internet  sales. Even then I can only imagine the ensuing riots that will come with that media. Maybe I’ll go to Black Friday next year just out of pity…maybe.

With that being said, I think I will stick to CyberMonday deals, coupons, and retailmenot.com’s coupons. Remember if you have to fight someone over [insert desired item here] is it really worth it? Probably not (but that’s just me).

From a two-day food coma,

P.S. HUGE thank you to the Pagliarello family for taking me in when I couldn’t make it back home to Colorado for the holiday!!

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