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Kooky Turkey

Since my family’s mostly vegetarian, and mostly Indian, my Thanksgiving usually involves rasmalai as well as pumpkin pie, and absolutely no turkey. I love seeing my family (with the exciting addition of 11-month-old twins this year!), but I’d never had an American Thanksgiving until last year… with Alpha Psi Omega, the national theatre honors society.

This year’s Alpha Psi Thanksgiving was even better. After several Facebook statuses seeking help about cooking a turkey, our hosts in Thor house stuck the turkey in the oven and, in the words of the Beatles, let it be. When I arrived, it was sitting on the counter, shiny brown and looking delicious. Potatoes were being mashed, Hyvee cranberry sauce (yeah, we’re college students) on the counter and cakes and cookies sitting on a table. More people trickled in, bringing rolls, butter, mac and cheese, carrots and more (pilfered) cookies.

We ate, drank and made merry. And what’s Thanksgiving, without actually giving thanks? Most of us were ranged on the sentimental side. I’m thankful for the people in Alpha Psi who’ve taken an interest in me and talked to me, especially last year. But then there was someone who was thankful that her mac and cheese tasted okay after she bought all the wrong ingredients.

Then, someone came up with the idea of going around our circle (more like an amoeba, really, since by then we were all sprawled on couches, chairs, and floor) and saying a little about ourselves. Theatre people are always a little kooky. Just how kooky? I didn’t know that until yesterday. Two of our members got together in dramamtic movie fashion while drunk and are still together three years later, someone else finally expressed my longstanding frustration withMidwesterners’ definition of a beach (it has to be attached to an ocean, people!), and, with a (Freudian?) slip of the tongue, someone said (speaking about her mom), “When we were married…” and then couldn’t speak for laughing for a few minutes. After three hours, the dulcet tones of my French homework became too insistent to ignore, and I dragged myself away.

But I learned a little, I ate a lot, I spent time with some good friends. I wish you all the same and to all…


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