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This Campus Group is Kickin’!

Hey everyone!

In my introduction post, some of you might have noticed that I talked about something called Opportunity Kicks Tutoring. (And now you realize just how corny the blog title is.)

“But, Marie, I don’t know what Opportunity Kicks Tutoring is!”

Well, lucky for you, that’s what this post is all about! So, without further ado, let’s learn about OKT.

To begin with, Opportunity Kicks is a local soccer team organized with one goal: Letting refugee kids (and children of refugees) in the QCA play soccer for free. Many of these kids live under the poverty line, so playing any sport is spending money that their family can’t afford to spend.

Opportunity Kicks Tutoring (OKT) was set up last year and has blossomed into an organization with roughly 30 tutors and 30 students. I’m proud to say that I’m a board member and head tutor for this fantastic group! We tutor every Thursday from 4:30-6:00 in Evald 212 and 217, and our students are in grades 2-8. The first half of each tutoring session begins with a fun activity designed to wake up our brains while learning valuable skills. For instance, we did skits a few weeks ago. The students broke off into small groups and were given a person, place, and thing and told to make a short skit that included everything on the list. Everyone had a blast without even realizing that we were teaching them to improve creative thinking skills, speaking in front of a group, and more!

The OKT family at our Thanksgiving Dinner!

The OKT family at our Thanksgiving Dinner!

Last Thursday, we got together in the College Center to have a homemade Thanksgiving dinner made by some of the OKT tutors! Students and tutors alike had fun socializing with each other and just taking a break from some school work, despite everyone not being able to be there.

Fun at Hallowdreen!

Fun at Hallowdreen!

My favorite event was Hallowdreen! Everyone got dressed up to tour the halls of Andreen and get tons of candy, and I admittedly felt a little guilty for sending the sugar-crazed students home to their parents after all was said and done. I got what felt like my first field trip experience as a teacher after corralling 24 students, but Allison O’Hern (the lovely cupcake fairy on the right and co-president of OKT) and I were nothing but smiles at the end of the night. We’re both English Education majors and have become best friends after working together in EDUC300 and OKT. She was actually one of my first friends on campus; we were both in the same peer group during Fall Connection! c:

OKT is a fantastic group for both Education majors as well as those in other majors. In fact, most of our tutors aren’t Education majors (and you get to log volunteer hours with us!). If you’re interested at all or just have more questions about OKT, feel free to stop me on campus or email Allison and I! You can even ask questions in the comments, if you’d prefer to.

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  1. This is such an awesome group! You’re really making a difference!

  2. I had never heard of OKT. What an awesome group doing fantastic things in the QCA. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being part of such an amazing organization!

  3. What an inspiring read. Thanks for what you’re doing!

  4. Looks to me like everyone benefits from OTK — not just the kids. Way to go!

  5. Thanks for doing OKT. It reminded me of my Augie experience in the 70’s as part of the Big Sister program.

  6. Thanks everyone for the fantastic comments! I’ll be sure to forward them to our group at this week’s meeting!

  7. It’s amazing to see groups being formed on campus that make such an impact on the community!! Way to go OKT!!

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